Pakistan Govt To Ban Aptitude Tests for University Admissions


According to the latest notification, the government of Pakistan decided to ban different types of aptitude tests from getting admissions in universities. The government starts taking several admission tests to get admissions in the prestigious institute. If the applicant wants to get admission in LLB, then he/they should appear in the LAT test. However, they conduct the Graduation Admission Test (GAT), National Testing Service (NTS), and newly-introduced Undergraduate Studies Aptitude Test (USAT).

Parents have demanded the government either discontinue this practice entirely or make it affordable, if not free, for poor students. Due to the worse COVID-19 conditions, the parents cannot pay an extra admission fee for tests that range from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,000. Thousands of students fail to pass these tests in the first attempt, so poor parents have to pay fees, again and again, to get admission in public and private universities to secure a future for their sons and daughters. The education system will only boost if the government should conduct the test free of cost. According to official statistics, over 50,000 students appeared in the recent LAT for admission in law colleges and universities.

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