Chapter 5 Physics | 1st Year


Chapter 5 Notes | Physics 1st Year

“Circular Motion”


  1. Circular Motion
  2. Anglar Displacement
  3. Angular Velocity
  4. Angular Acceleration
  5. Relation Between Angular And Linear Velocities
  6. Relation Between Linear And Angular Acceleration
  7. Centripetal Force
  8. Moment Of Inertia
  9. Angular Momentum
  10. Types Of Angular Momentum
  11. Law Of Conservation Of Angular Momentum
  12. Rotational Kinetic Energy
  13. Artificial Satellites
  14. Real And Apparent Weight
  15. Weightlessness In Satellites And Gravity Free System
  16. Orbital Velocity
  17. Artificial Gravity
  18. Geostationary Orbits
  19. Communication Satellites

Key Points:

  1. Angular displacement is the angle subtended at the center of a circle by a particle moving along the circumference in a given time.
  2. SI Unit of angular measurement is radian.
  3. Angular acceleration is the rate of change of angular velocity.
  4. Relationship between angular and tangential or linear quantities.
    1. s=rθ
    2. Vt=rω
    3. at=rα
  5. Moment of inertia is the rotational analogue of mass in linear motion. It depends on the mass and the distribution of mass from the axis of rotation.
  6. Angular momentum is the analogue of linear momentum and is defined as the product of moment of inetia and angular velocity.
  7. Total angular momentum of all the bodies in a system remains constant in th absence of an external torque.
  8. Artificial satellites are the objects that orbit around the earth due to gravity.
  9. Orbital velocity is the tangential velocity to put a satellite in orbit around the Earth.
  10. Artificial gravity is the gravity like effect product in an orbiting spaceship to overcome weightkessness by spinning spaceship about its own axis.
  11. Geo-stationary satellite is the one whose orbital motion is synchronized with the rotation of the Earth.
  12. Albert Einstine viewed gravitiob as a space-time curvature around an object.

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