Chapter 7 Physics | 1st Year


Chapter 7 Notes | Physics 1st Year



  1. Types of motion
  2. Simple harmonic motion
  3. Different terms connected with SHM
  4. SHM and uniform circular motion
  5. Phase
  6. A horizontal mass spring system
  7. Simple pendulum
  8. Energy conservation in SHM
  9. Free and forced oscillations
  10. Resonance
  11. Damped oscillations
  12. Sharpness of resonance

Key Points:

  1. Oscillatory motion is to end and fro motion about a mean position.
  2. Periodic motion is the one that repeats itself after equal intervals of time.
  3. Restoring Force opposes the change in the shape or length of a body and is equal and opposite to applied force.
  4. A vibratory motion in which acceleration is directly proportional to displacement from mean position and is always directed toward the mean position is known as simple harmonic motion.
  5. The projection of a particle moving in circle executes SHM. its time period T is 2π/ω.
  6. Phase of vibration is the quantity which indicates the state of motion if a vibrating particle generally referred by the phase angle.
  7. In An Oscillating System P.E And K.E. interchange and total energy is conserved.
  8. A Body is said to be executing free oscillation it it vibrates with its own natural frequency without the interference of an external force.
  9. When a freely oscillating response of system is subjected to an external periodic force, then forced vibrations take place.
  10. Resonance is the specific response of a system to a periodic force acting with the natural vibrating period of the system.
  11. Damping is the process whereby energy is dissipated from oscillating system.

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