Physics Chapter 2 | 1st Year

Chapter 2 Notes | Physics 1st Year

“Vectors And Equilibrium”


  1. Differentiate among scalar and vectors?
  2. What do you know about rectangular coordinate system?
  3. Describe the Head to Tail rule?
  4. What do you know about the Resultant Vector?
  5. Define Following
    1. Negative Vector
    2. Vector Subtraction
    3. Equal Vector
    4. Null Vector
    5. Component of a Vector
    6. Rectangular Component
    7. Position Vector
  6. Discuss the different cases of multiplication of a vector by scalar (number).
  7. What do you know about Unit Vector?
  8. Find out the rectangular component of a vector.
  9. Determine a vector from its rectangular component.
  10. Describe the vector addition in terms of rectangular components.
  11. Differentiate among scalar and vector product.
  12. Show that the scalar product is commutative.
  13. Show that the vector product is non-commutative.
  14. Compare main characteristics of scalar and vector product.
  15. Describe the right hand rule.
  16. Define the term “Torque”.
  17. Derive the expression for torque produce on a rigid body under action of any force.
  18. Define the term “equilibrium”. Write down different types of equilibrium.
  19. Write down different condition of equilibrium.
  20. State the complete requirement for a body to be in equilibrium.

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