Chapter 8 | Physics 1st Year


Chapter 8 Notes | Physics 1st Year



  1. Define the term wave.
  2. Differentiate among mechanical and electromagnetic waves.
  3. What do you know about Progressive or travelling waves?
  4. What do you know about periodic waves.
  5. Describe the different properties of transverse periodic waves.
  6. Derive the expression for the speed of wave through a medium.
  7. How the longitudinal periodic waves are represented by waveform.
  8. Describe the formula for the speed of sound in term of modulus of elasticity of the medium.
  9. How Newton derived the formula for speed of sound.
  10. Describe the Laplace’s correction in the Newton’s Formula for speed of Sound.
  11. Describe the effect of Variation of Pressure, Density and Temperature on speed of sound in a gas.
  12. Show that one degree Celsius rise in temperature produces approximately 0.61 m/s increases the speed of sound.
  13. State the principal of Superposition of waves. Also describe its significance.
  14. What do you know about the interference of waves? Also describe different types of interference phenomenon.
  15. What do you know about the beats phenomenon? Also describe its applications.
  16. Describe the two conditions of reflection of waves.
  17. What are the stationary waves?
  18. How the stationary waves are produced in stretched string?
  19. Describe the expression of frequency of stationary waves produce in a stretched string.
  20. What is an organ pipe?
  21. Describe the phenomenon of stationary waves in air column.
  22. Describe the expression of frequency of stationary waves produce in the air column of open organ pipe.
  23. Describe the application of Doppler effect.

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