PMC Granted Admissions to 29 Students Denied By Private Colleges


According to the recent news, PMC ordered some private medical colleges to enrol 29 students. Previously, some private colleges denied the admission of students without any legal reason. After this, those students complaint about those colleges. Thus, the commission takes action about it and reviews the situation.

The students claimed that their names were on the merit list, and they also appeared in the interviews. After all this, the colleges didn’t offer admissions to them. Thus, after that hearing of students and colleges, PMC found three colleges that didn’t offer admission to the 29 students without any reason. 

Thus, now, PMC instructed those colleges to admit the students in the 2021 session by adjusting the allocating seats. At the same time, PMC announced the 1st year of these students without any tuition fee as a penalty for colleges. However, the commission also stated that these 29 students will complete their MBBS/BDS in the same year as 2020-2201 session students. 

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