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PSPA Masawat Program

Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) intended to launch a program, “Masawat Program,” for transgender persons (TGPs). The PSPA will start this project under the Transgender Persons Welfare Policy. The purpose of this program is to protect them socially and personally. So, through this project, they will be able to get many opportunities to stay in society confidently with honor. However, for this project, the Punjab government has announced a budget of Rs 50.00 Million. 

Thus, under Masawat Program, Transgender people will get job opportunities, micro credits for promoting entrepreneurship, and unconditional cash transfer for TGPs.

How will the Masawat program Work?

Initially, the program will pick the intervention subset purposed in the TGPs Welfare policy on administrative efficiency grounds. All the registered transgender people will be able to get interest-free loans. Through this loan, they will be able to start their businesses. However, with the collaboration of PSIC, PSPA will provide Up to RS 100,000 interest-free loans to the TGPs. 

However, the government will also provide them free health facilities to go for screening, treatment, and medicines. At the same time, PSPA is also working in collaboration with private sectors to create jobs for TGPs.

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