Punjab Decision on Early Summer Vacation due to Severe Heatwave


After announcing the severe heatwave in Punjab for a week (12 May to 17 May 2022), the Punjab Government instructed the schools to keep children safe. In this regard, the govt issued a letter to the school Education Department to follow the instructions so that children will remain safe. Thus, govt instructed to keep the students rehydrated and avoid physical engagement of children in games. At the same time, the Punjab government also ordered the schools and all institutes must-have emergency line numbers. 

Demand for Early Summer Vacation 2022

After these instructions and orders, many people on social media demand the early summer vacation of 2022. However, some authorities or organizations want the early summer vacation to stay safe from this severe heatwave. 

Govt Decision About Early Summer Vacation 2022

The Punjab Education Departments (SED and HED) rejected the reports regarding the summer vacations before the announced schedule. In the joint statement, the SED and HED stated that the news regarding the summer vacations before 01 June 2022 is fake. There will be no early summer vacations in Punjab. 

So, students must listen to the school administration and follow their instructions to save themselves. However, the Education Department also instructed the administrations and teachers to take proper measurements.

Summer Vacation 2022

A few days ago, the government announced the summer vacation schedule. So, in Punjab, the educational institutes will remain close for two months, from 01 June 2022 to 31 July 2022. However, you can check the details about the Summer Vacations 2022 in Punjab from here

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