Punjab School Education Department Suspend Technical Education Plan


According to the details, it is informed that the School education department decided to stop the technical education plan. All schools started to deliver technical lectures, but now they suspend this technical education plan. The professional equipment is expensive enough, which the government can’t afford. Huawei provides long-lasting better technical material. Approximately five trucks are loaded with such equipment. 

Beginning of Technical Education in Schools

The previous government first initiated the scheme of technical education. This scheme slowly became powerful in Pakistan and now almost suspended this technical plan in 1100 schools. Technical knowledge soon delivered in 59 schools in Lahore.

Well, the university has purchased equipment for technical laboratories from the non-salary budget. The current government issued an order to prepare rules for this professional project as funding is cut off this year due to COVID-19. But despite all these, the school education department started working on it, and the project is still undergoing.

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