Shafqat Mahmood Warned To Close The Schools On Violation Of SOPs


Shafqat Mahmood Warned To Close The Schools On Violation Of SOPs

Shafat Mahmood, the Federal education minister, ordered the schools to follow the SOPs strictly; otherwise, the government would close the school. SOPs are very necessary to follow for the health of students and the whole staff. 

As schools opened after a long time due to COVID-19, so everyone is concerned about the precautions. Shafqat Mahmood stated that the decision to reopen the schools was not easy. The government took this decision after significant consideration. And the only way to make this decision successful is by following the SOPs.

Murad Raas Statement

Murad Raas also said that it is our responsibility to take all the precautionary measurements to save lives. He said that the lives and safety of our children, staff, and their families are essential. 

Murad Raas also gave surprise visits to private and public schools to check their management. Until now, all schools followed the SOPs except one. Murad Raas stated that suspension at only one school took because of not following the 100% SOPs.

The School Education Department issued a notification for the school staff. It was stated that all teachers and administrative staff must attend their schools regularly to observe the SOPs. SED also ordered them to prepare the lesson plans and Students’ learning objectives (SOLs).


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