Sindh Govt Decided not to Close Educational Institutes

Sindh Govt Decided not to Close Educational Institutes

Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani decided not to shut down educational institutes in Sindh. The second wave of COVID-19 has started, and the virus is spreading vigorously throughout Pakistan. Many educational authorities suggest shutting down educational institutes. After reviewing the current situation, Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani conducted a fruitful meeting with the Sindh Steering Committee regarding the school’s closure. However, he came to the result not to close schools and colleges. The Secretary Schools, Secretary Colleges, and Chairman of Boards of Education have participated in this meeting.

Therefore, as institutions remain open, they strictly ordered all schools/colleges/institutes to follow SOPs to cope with the situation pf covid-19. There would be no earlier winter vacations in Sindh. Moreover, educational institutions have freedom if they want to transfer their mode of study online. This decision is not finalized yet. The decision is under suggestion. However, the final decision will be made after consultation with all the provinces by November 23. According to the details, the Federal government also shared the three possibilities regarding school closure. They decided that junior class students can attend class by sitting home from November 25 to December 24. The parents should collect weekly homework from teachers in schools.

The COVID-19 has badly destroyed the entire education system in the world. The Federal Government decided for earlier winter holidays from December 25, 2020, to January 10, 2021. COVID cases are increasing day by day. Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani says that if we check the current coronavirus active cases, it has approximately 3.7%. If we follow SOPs in a great way, then there might be a possibility to protect ourselves from COVID-19.

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