Teaching License Becomes Compulsory In Punjab


Teaching License to become Necessary In Punjab

 According to the latest notification, it is to be informed that the Government of Punjab has made teaching license compulsory for teachers. A meeting was held in Punjab Assembly in which Dr. Murad Raas said that the licensing act is not only necessary for the doctors and engineers but also crucial for the teaching staff too. He further said that this step is already implemented in administration and governing the educational institutions in the country. This is the only reason for their successful education system as they provide reliable and quality education in the country. So, we should also move towards this step and professionally register the teaching staff. 

As per details, Dr. Murad Raas in a press release that the Government announced almost 250,000 educator jobs with a transparent recruitment policy. Approximately 70% of students will leave their education not only because of low income but only because of a shortage of middle schools in their nearest. He claims that at least 100,000 students were brought back to schooling by upgrading 1,227 education facilities. He noted that 1,000 evening schools would soon be introduced.

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