Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Offers Free Education to the Prisoners


AIOU has decided to expand the projects of free education to the prisoners with the help of Wafaqi Mohtasab, Higher Education Commission.

AIOU Decides to Expand Educational Projects for Prisoners:

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is one of the popular universities in Pakistan, providing quality education in almost every field. AIOU has also been giving educational opportunities to the prisoners in jails of Pakistan since 2006. AIOU is already working on several projects for the education of prisoners. But this time, they have requested the authorities if they could expand their projects.

This is truly an appreciable initiative taken by the AIOU. Because going to jail is a stigma in the Pakistani community and that person is criticized for his whole life. Also, because of this stigma, the prisoners who have been to jail never get a respectable job. For the people who have to spend years in jail, the step taken by AIOU is truly admirable. They can get an education there and hence can be proved to be the responsible citizens of Pakistan.

For this purpose, the Vice-Chancellor of the University remains in touch with the General Inspectors Prisons to make sure the best outcomes of the project. Also, he makes sure that there is no hindrance by the jail inspectors towards teachers and that the teachers can teach the prisoners easily. The heads of AIOU often visits jails too to distribute books among the prisoners.

These educational programs are free for the prisoners so they are exempted from the registration fees, tuition fee, examination, and degree fee.

AIOU has already plans for the projects and the officials are just waiting for permission.

Other Projects by AIOU:

AIOU is also giving education to the young children who remain with their mothers in jail and provides educational opportunities for impaired people.

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  1. Mariam says

    How I get admsn in Allamaiqbal university for BA?

    1. Maham Babar says

      Hey Mariam!
      The procedure is mentioned in the post. Please read the post carefully.
      Thank You!

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