Pak Studies Chapter 3 Short Questions | 2nd Year Notes


Pakistan Studies Chapter # 3 ( Short Question )

Pakistan Movement ( English )

Q.1:- How many seats Muslim League won in Punjab province in the election of 1945-46?

Q.2:- What were the steps taken by the Quaid e Azam as Governor General for the improvement of the administrative structure of Pakistan?

Q.3:- Who established Muslim League in Balochistan and when?

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Q.4:- Write down the names of the rive nominees of Muslim League for the interim Govt. in 1946?

Q.5:- Write down the objectives of the non-co-operation movement?

Q.6:- When and why was the “Indian National Congress” formed?

Q.7:- When was Muslim League established and what were its main objectives?

Q.8:- What was the “Lucknow Pact”?

Q.9:- What do you know about the Nehru Report?

Q.10:- What was the attitude of Congress Ministries towards the Muslims after wining the election of 1973?

Q.11:- Why the Quaid  e Azam advised the Muslims to observe a Day of Deliverance on 22nd December, 1939?

Q.12:- What were the Proposals made by Sir Stafford Cripps?

Q.13:- What was the proposal made by Lord Wavell in the Shimla Conference ?

Q.14:- Who were the members of Cabinet Mission Plan?

Q.15:- What were the motives which led to the establishment of Muslim League?

Q.16:- Write down the four points of cabinet mission plan?

Q.17:- What are the objectives of Khilafat Movement?

Q.18:- Write name of the nominees of Pakistan in Redcliffs Award for the demarcation of the boundaries of Punjab and Bengal?

Q.19:- What is meant by the plan of 3rd June, 1947?

Q.20:- When and where did Muslim League established ?

Q.21:- Write down the motives of establishment of Muslim League?

Q.22:- How many seats Muslim League won of central and Provincial Assemblies in the Elections of 1945-46?

Q.23:- When did partition of Bengal take place and when it was reversed?

Q.24:- How Red-Cliff damages Pakistan?

Q.25:- When and who suggested the name of Pakistan?

Q.26:- When and where did Pakistan resolution pass?

Q.27:- When and who did establish Jamiat-ulmai-islam?

Q.28:- Write down the founder of Khilafat Movement?

Q.29:- When did Pakistan become the member of UNO?

Q.30:- When did Shimla Delegation met with Viceroy ord Minto?

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