Pak Studies Chapter 6 Long Questions | 2nd Year Notes

Pakistan Studies Chapter # 6 ( Long Question )

Land of Pakistan ( English )

Q.1:- Describe the importance of Location of Pakistan.

  1. Location of Pakistan
  2. Area of Pakistan
  3. Population
  4. Importance of Location of Pakistan

Q.2:- Define natural resources and describe the importance of natural resources for the national development of the Country?

Q.3:- Describe the importance of forests?

Q.4:- Write a note on the important minerals of Pakistan?

Q.5:- Describe the importance of agriculture in Pakistan and write down the causes of the industrial backwardness in Pakistan?

  1. Cropping Seasons of Pakistan
  2. Food Crops & Cash Crops
  3. Importance of Agriculture
  4. Problems of Agriculture System in Pakistan

Q.6:- Write the note on Canal system of Pakistan?

Q.7:- Define industry, write down the different types of industries and also explain the causes of the industrial backwardness in Pakistan.

  1. Definition
  2. Types of Industries
  3. Hurdles in the way of industrial development in Pakistan

Q.8:- What are the problems of the education department in Pakistan and gibe proposal to overcome these problems? (OR) Also describe government steps for the betterment of education department in Pakistan?

  1. Importance of Education
  2. Types of Education
  3. Problems of Education in Pakistan
  4. Suggestions

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