Pak Studies Chapter 6 Short Questions | 2nd Year Notes


Pakistan Studies Chapter # 6 ( Short Questions )

Land of Pakistan ( English )

Q.1:- Define Natural resources?

Q. 2:- What is soil?

Q.3:- What types of trees are in the forest of plains?

Q.4:- How do the tree become useful for the area affected by water logging and salinity?

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Q. 5:- Which are five departments busy in the development and exploration of mineral resources in Pakistan?

Q.6:- Where the coal mines are located in Sindh?

Q.7:- Write down the names of four oil refineries in Pakistan?

Q.8:- Write down the utility of copper?

Q.9:- What are Rabi and Kharif crops?

Q.10:- Write down the names of the canals of the river Ravi?

Q.11:- What are the rivers that came under the possession of Pakistan and India under the Indus Basin Treaty?

Q.12:- What are the seven link canals of Pakistan?

Q.13:- What is the utility of life stock?

Q.14:- What are the Important energy resources in Pakistan?

Q.15:- Where are the thermal power station situated in Pakistan?

Q.16:- When and where was natural gas discovered in Pakistan?

Q.17:- What are the uses of copper and where it is found?

Q.18:- Where is Gypsum available in Pakistan?

Q.19:- What are karezs?

Q.20:- What is Kaddar soil?

 Q.21:- What do you know about Tarbela Dam?

Q.22:- What are the uses of coal in Pakistan?

Q.23:- What is the use of lime stone and where it is found?

Q.24:- What is the importance of forests?

Q.25:- Where the iron ore has been found in Pakistan?

Q.26:- Name the areas where marble is found?

Q.27:- What steps have been taken by the government against water-logging and salinity? 

Q.28:- Which are the canals of River Jhelum?

Q.29:- To which countries Pakistan export its goods?

Q.30:- Write some advantages of international trade?

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