Exercise 1.1 (Solution) | Mathematics 2nd Year


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  1. Ashfaq Ahmed says

    I like it

  2. Ashfaq Ahmed says


  3. taniaimtiaz says

    i like it..

  4. atiya says

    how can i download this solution??

    1. FSc Online says

      just click on download button 🙂

  5. hamza ahmad says

    question no.4 is missing in ex1.1 fsc math 2nd year. please upload it.

  6. Akhlaq says

    How i see ans this exercsics?koi btye ga

  7. Ehtisham Aslam says


  8. sania says

    Good notes….♥
    kash yeh math koi subject he nae hota to kitna acha hota:-(

    1. FSc Online says

      everything have it’s importance 🙂

    2. thedark06 says

      kitna acha hota agra app hi na hoti

    3. The Dark mathematician says

      You wrote this comment because of maths. Because a phone or PC does millions of calculations to just simply show you a picture. Every single click of yours leads your device to do millions of calculations. Your data is stored in binary numbers, without maths, there would be no technology. Besides, it isn’t your thing at all cause you’re stupid enough to hate maths. Only foolish people hate maths.

  9. shani says

    I love it

  10. Physics says

    Very well.

  11. Pes 2017 apk says


  12. divya says

    every thing in the world is beautiful like a rose

    1. thedark06 says

      except you❤????

  13. Asad Noman says

    nice yar this material is halp us to do well in exams please send me these notes by email and update me.

  14. Leo Messi says

    bro ex no 1.1 graphs missing plz upload them

  15. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Bro examples solved mil nahe rahen plz help

  16. salman says

    sir please uploads graphs
    and take classes
    to get full attention on studies

  17. Rubi Rajpoot says


  18. ubaid says

    its good idea to improve math

  19. The Dark mathematician says

    I love maths

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