Exercise 1.2 (Solution) | Mathematics 2nd Year


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  1. jannatmughal says

    best notes

  2. jannatmughal says

    good notes

    1. Usama Badar Shah says


  3. Hooria Chaudhry says

    Exercise 1.2 → Question no 1 → part no-III → sub part (d) → gog (x)
    I really didn’t get, otherwise this is best nd very helpful. Shukriya !!

    1. Zain says

      Open Square 2 times

  4. FAYIZ ALI says


  5. alijan says

    Hmm…It is a very nice site regarding FSC Notes. I am looking Free Online Note and comes to your site and found very interesting..keep it up the great work.

  6. Muhammad Anus Bukhari says

    sir link expire ho gyea ha download nahe ho raha kindly solved this problem,

    1. Amir Shafiq says

      its working fine. 🙂

  7. ali hassan says

    this question is very easy way solved thanks

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