Exercise 2.3 (Solution) | Mathematics 2nd Year


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  1. saif says


  2. saif says

    plzzz show me exercise

    1. FSc Online says

      The exercise can be easily viewed using PC 馃檪

  3. saif says

    your notes are best

  4. akram baig says

    Very easy method

  5. Taiba says

    It was awesome but I can’t get solutions of questions above 11 to 17

  6. Kiran says

    Good job keep it up????

  7. farooq says


    1. Maham Babar says

      Thank You for your kind response!

  8. Saboor sandhu says

    These notes are very too good

    1. Amir Shafiq says

      thankyou 馃檪

  9. Abdullah Khan says

    This exercise is copied from mathcity.org because question 12 is not sloved there also and it is written that “do it yourself as question no.10 “

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