Exercise 2.4 (Solution) | Mathematics 2nd Year


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  1. Danial Hussain says

    you’re 2.4 Question number 5 part 3 solution is wrong please correct it

    1. Veerias says

      This website is best website bcz ,this help me most to recover my syllabus
      At the end I just want to say Thanks

  2. Muhammad Saad says

    Sir please go for full steps other wise it creates alot of confusions.

  3. Hamza says

    Ex 2.4 Q 2 (vi) k last 2 step mai 1 ghalti hai and last 2 step se pehle jo 2 steps hain wo same to same hain means 1 hi step 2 dafa print hogaya hai.

  4. Ali Raza says

    In 2nd Question’s part 6 there must be square root on (x2+4) in nominator in last 2 steps other work is great. Thanks for help keep up good work!

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