Exercise 2.5 (Solution) | Mathematics 2nd Year


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  1. Mahi Sheikh says

    I really Liked it….

  2. KhBilql says

    Its great oppurtunity for students

    Love this site….

  3. Usama Farooq says

    This website is very useful . . .
    But can this website be more useful by posting complete notes rather than “Do yourself”.
    Not everybody can still solve the question.
    Thanks if someone notices.

  4. laraib farooq says

    do yourself is really irritating…..otherwise this website is useful….

    1. Amir Shafiq says

      it’s because of same of method.. 馃檪
      well thanks

  5. Muniba says

    Awsm.website really helpful

  6. Ans Sadiq says

    it is an Excellent effort
    i really like this

    1. Amir Shafiq says

      Thanks 馃檪

  7. Precious doll says


    1. Amir Shafiq says

      Thanks 馃檪

  8. Faryal Faryal says

    This website is so helpful

    1. Amir Shafiq says

      Thankyou 馃檪 Share with your mates as well

  9. Athar says

    it is the copy of mathcity.

    1. Neelam Sajjad says

      No, these math solutions are prepared by the professionals and expert teachers

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