Exercise 3.5 (Solution) | Mathematics 2nd Year


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  1. husnain says

    this chapter exercise is not from fsc part 1 …. change it ..

    1. FSc Online says

      This is the of fsc part 2 🙂

      1. Noman says

        Then where is fsc part-1 3.5 notes?

  2. Faiz says

    Mein 3.5Ka sawal no2dekhna chata ho

  3. dua ali says

    ya notes fsc part#2 k hn .plz ap fsc part#1 k ch3 k easy notes likhain jo asani sa smjh a skain

    1. FSc Online says

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂
      Kindly visit 1st year section for 1st year mathematics notes 🙂

      1. Agha Ahmad says

        fsc online, i have selected 1st years notes in 1st year section but still it shows this page, i guess there is something not correct, kindly fix it pls

        1. Khurram Farooq says

          It’s working fine kindly try again correctly 🙂

      2. Fawad says

        Ye 3.5 ko to web pe upload kr den Fsc part 1 ki

    2. sheraz says

      this notes related to 2nd year pl probide us 1 st year notes as soon

  4. Faizan says

    Kindly correct the Q#22. Its Answer is wrong. Kindly Correct it as soon as possible!

  5. mudabbir says

    where can i find solutions of ex 3.5 part 1 book ?

    1. sunny says

      Will be Added soon 🙂

      1. Morning Queens says

        Please fix.. Second year mathematics is opening when i try to open first year mathematics

        1. sunny says

          Sorry for the inconvenience, but the fact is that we don’t have 3,5 1st year notes so that it’s happening,,

  6. zoya says

    plz solve the Question 29-28

  7. Random says

    Really appreciate the effort but I would have like more questions to be solved of exercise 3.5 of Book 2.

  8. Usama says

    Sir this exercise is 2nd year… ????

  9. Hassaan says

    What is this ? Please take your responsiibility !

    1. Amir Shafiq says

      what happened?

  10. Ch Husnain says

    Sir g,
    3.5 k Question# 22k mathod may ghalte hy plz is ko darot kr ly plz

    1. Maham Babar says

      Hey Ch Husnain!
      Thanks for mentioning the mistake.

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