FPSC Issued CSS CE-2021 Viva Voce Schedule in Islamabad


CSS CE-2021 Viva Voce Schedule

Recently, FPSC announced the CSS Competitive Exam 2021 viva voce schedule Phase-I. However, the announced CSS Vice Voce schedule is for Islamabad. The FPPSC announced the CSS Schedule under Notification No. F.2/19/2021-CE. Thus, read the full article to get the complete detail about the CSS CE-2021 Vive Voce schedule.    

Timing of the CSS Viva Voce 2021

According to the announced schedule, the FPSC will conduct the CSS CE 2021 viva at 9:00 AM at FPSC Headquarter, Agha Khan Road, Sector F-5/1, Islamabad. 

CSS CE-2021 Vive Voce schedule

Below is the complete information about the CSS 2021 viva voce in Islamabad.

Date  Day  Roll No. of Candidates Reporting Time
01-11-2021 Monday  00845, 02581, 02632, 02673, 02804, 02807, 02813, 03089, 03220 9:00 AM
02-11-2021 Tuesday  03389, 03648, 03719, 04214, 04331, 07847, 07858, 07915, 08009 9:00 AM
03-11-2021 Wednesday  08045, 08098, 08397, 08544, 08548, 08580, 08613, 09179, 09445 9:00 AM
04-11-2021 Thursday  09978, 10031, 10222, 10631, 10803, 10947, 10962, 11117, 11170 9:00 AM
05-11-2021 Friday  11254, 11797,11864, 11905, 12125 9:00 AM

Instruction Regarding the CSS CE-Viva Voce

  • The mentioned candidates will bring 05 copies of the duly signed preference form. After this, they can’t be able to change the group, so that it will be their last chance.
  • The FPSc will not allow the change of center.

For further updates, see the official notification of FPSC regarding the CSS CE-Vive Voce Schedule given below. FPSC Issued CSS CE-2021 Viva Voce Schedule in Islamabad

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