Govt Increased 35% Tenure Track System (TTS) Pay Packages 2021


Increase in TTS Pay Packages 2021

According to the recent notification of the HEC Finance division, the govt has increased the TTS pay Packages. According to the notification, the increase in the Tenure Track System (TTS) pay packages is 35% w.e.f of 20-09-2021. So, below is the completed details regarding the revised pay pancakes of the professors, assistant professors and associate professors. Thus, to get the details to scroll down your screen.

 TTS Pay Packages 2021

Here are the details regarding the existing and revised Tenure Track System (TTS) pay packages for the following designations.

Existing TTS Pay Packages

Catagory Min.IncreaseMaximum
Associate Professor195,00011,375365,625
Assistant Professor130,0008,937264,055

Revised TTS Pay Packages

Catagory Min.IncreaseMaximum
Associate Professor263,25015,356493,590
Assistant Professor175,50012,065356,475
  • The notification stated that government would maintain the 35% gap between BPS and TTS Faculty salaries. However, about 15% of TTS faculty will get the 100% increase who meets the mentioned criteria. 

However, for further updates and information, see the official notification attached below.

Govt Increased 35% Tenure Track System (TTS) Pay Packages 2021

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