High Courts Rejected the Petition About School-Assessed Grades of CAIE Exams


On Friday, the high courts of Islamabad, Lahore, Sindh, and Peshawar rejected the separate petitions to switch the CAIE exams in School-Assessed Grades. All high courts gave some statements to reject the petitions.

Islamabad High Court Decision

In this regard Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court (IHC) overhanded the petitioner request to the NCOC on COVID-19. IHC stated that to interfere in the Country Policy Matter is not a court job. However, on asking from the petitioner lawyer, he stated that Cambridge has provided two options to the countries to select online examinations rather than physical exams. 

Other than that, Chief Justice also stated that in the PLEA, there are only nine students. These nine students can’t represent thousands of students of Cambridge. 

Sindh High Court Decision

At the same time, the Sindh High Court also rejected the plea of students. The chief justice of Sindh High Court stated that exams will be according to the schedule. However, the respondents will make sure to implement the COVID-19 SOPs properly. 

Lahore High Court Decision

The Lahore High Court also dismissed the petition of Cambridge students against the physical exams. The county stated that the government has already provided the exams schedule. Thus there are no exemptions for students. However, there isn’t any favorable support in the petitioners request.

Court also stated that, British council has provided the SOPs to be followed during exams. Thus, this thing cleared that during the exams, the council will observe great safety measurements.

Peshawar High Court Decision

Peshawar High court rejected the PLEA stating that to implement the SOPs, the government has spent thousands of rupees. 

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