Jibran Nasir Took Action on the Misbehavior of People Towards Shafqat Mahmood


Recently, after the announcement regarding the exams, a lot of students and social media activists stood against the Federal Education Minister. The government postponed all exams except A-Levels exams. On this, students took action and demanded the resignation of Shafqat Mahmood. However, there are some social media activists such as Wakar Zaka, Nasir Jibran who also support the students.

Apart from all these, there are some tweets and comments who are demanding their rights from the government in a disrespectful manner. So, this behavior of people is unacceptable as they must show respect.

Jibran Nasir Statement

On this matter, Nasir Jibran who was also supporting students asked the students and people to be respectful. He stated that students have a right to raise their voices regarding the issues. But personal attacks, disrespectful words/comments are not   acceptable. He advised students to address their issues to the minister with respect. 

Jibran Nasir Statement

Other than Jibaran Nasir, the actress Ayeha Omer also tweeted that address the students to show respect. She stated that criticism and difference of opinion doesn’t mean to disrespect someone. We can get our point with respect. 

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