Murad Raas Announced E-transfer Process for Teachers


 E-transfer Process for Teachers

A few days ago, Punjab education Minister Murad Raas announced the e-transfer procedure for students. In his tweet, he said that the E-transfer of the following teacher categories would start from 31 October 2020.

  • Mutual
  • Wedlock
  • Administrative
  • Hardship 

So, in this regard, the teachers have to provide documents to the School Education Department for verification.

How to Apply

The teachers from the mentioned categories can apply for the e-transfer in just 03 steps.

  • Download the App of e-transfer from the google play and login
  • After login, verify the teacher data
  • Enter preferences (locations) and submit it. 

The process takes less than 10 minutes.

Benefits of the E-Transfer

  • Convenient & transparent process
  • Standard transfer and approval process
  • Minimum human interruption 
  • Real-time tracking

The Punjab government started this e-transfer system to assist the teachers who are doing their duties far from their houses, especially women. So, now teachers can apply for the transfer online without any hindrance.

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