NCOC Clarifies Fake News Regarding Closing of Educational Institutes


Few days ago, someone spread fake rumors regarding the closure of schools, colleges and universities till 30th September 2021. NCOC after reviewing this news announced on twitter that educational institutes in the selected districts of Punjab KP and ICT will remain closed till 15th September 2021. The news of extension in holidays till 30th September is totally fake. We request all not to believe in such fake rumours. In a recent meeting, many senior educational board members participated. According to the details, the School Education Minister stated that the educational institute will reopen as soon as possible. To save students from this COVID-19, students must follow Standard operating procedure and wear a mask. Keep social distancing and sanitize their hands. 

In yesterday’s provincial meeting, they also decided to open an educational institute from 15 September 2021, Not only schools but also colleges and universities will reopen from 15th September 2021. There is no extension in holidays. Due to COVID-19 conditions, the institute will remain closed till 15th September 2021.

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