PU Decided Not to Increase the On-Campus Students Fee


PU decided not to increase students’ fee

On 01 July 2020, the university administration held a meeting regarding the budget for the year 2020-21. For this year, members in the meeting approved the 3.91 Billion for the budget. In spite of the financial crisis, the university decided not to increase the fees for the on-campus students.

PU Research grant

In the meeting, the vice-chancellor also talked about the research grant. The research grant has increased from Rs 165/- to RS 380/- to promote the research culture. Other than research culture, Rs 32 Million is for national and international conferences. 

However, PU is facing a deficiency of Rs 431 million. This deficiency would be managed by reducing expenditures. 

It is also said that the university expects 2.5 billion from the HEC from m, which 72.4 % University will generate from its own sources. 

PU Other grants

Other than mentioned grants, PU will also provide 

  • Rs 152 million for students scholarship 
  • 209 million for hostel subsidies, Rs 34 million transport subsidy and 38 million internet subsidy 
  • 149 million for development projects 

The university decided not to increase the on-campus students’ fees. But the Punjab university has decided to increase the fees of private students by 10 %. Click here for more details

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