Punjab Govt Issue Notification Regarding Closing of Schools Amid Smog


On Monday, in a recent press release, the government of Punjab decided to shut down all educational institutes in Lahore due to the terrible smog condition. For this purpose, they also issue a notification to close schools in Lahore on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The directive will take effect from 27th November and will remain till 15th January 2022. The government ordered the educational institute to close for only three days to protect students from illness due to hazardous smog. Not only in Lahore but also the government decided to close schools in Islamabad. Lahore has awful air condition, featuring in the list of top ten cities with the bad air quality in the world. 

In a recent notification, the Punjab government also ordered the closure of all private offices operated by companies, private sector entities, and other individuals every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The order announced widely on the official website. For more details, keep in touch with us and see the latest updates regularly.

Punjab Govt Issue Notification Regarding Closing Schools Amid Smog

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