Sindh Proposal Regarding Easing Teachers Recruitment Exam Policy 2021


Ease in Teacher Recruitment Exam Policy

The Sindh Education conducted Teachers Recruitment Exam last month. But unfortunately, not even 1% of the applicants can pass that examination. Female applicants must score at least 45% in the exam to pass the exam. But more or less, 99% of applicants failed to meet the criteria. As per the estimation of The News, a total of 162,000 candidates appeared in the Teachers’ Recruitment Test, but only 1,250 applicants managed to pass.

The Sukkur IBA Testing Service conducts this test in partnership with the provincial government. According to the former education minister Saeed Ghani, the school education department got almost 5 lac applications for the appointment of 46,500 primary school teachers (PSTs), junior elementary school teachers (JESTs), SLTs, & other staffers.

The Educational Department of Sindh has requested or sent a proposal to the Sindh cabinet to abolish the 45% exam passing marks rule. 

As per the proposal, the new criteria for passing the recruitment exam will be 40%. They added that if the contestants fail to pass the exam irrespective of the 1st attempt, they will be given further favor. The Sindh Education Department said if the cabinet approves their proposal, they will start the Teachers’ hiring process. But not to confuse this proposal with the male Teachers’ exam recruitment policy. The males have to get 55% marks in their exam to pass it.

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