Chemistry Chapter 7 | 2nd Year


 Chapter 7 Notes | Chemistry 2nd Year

“Fundamental Principles Of Organic Chemistry”

  1. Chemical compounds were classified as organic and inorganic compounds based on their origin. Organic chapter-7-chemistry-2nd-year-notescompounds are obtained from living things whereas inorganic compounds are obtained from mineral sources.
  2. It was thought that organic compounds could not be synthesized in laboratory from inorganic sources.
  3. Organic chemistry is now-a-days defined as the chemistry of carbon compounds.
  4. Most of the commercially important compounds we use every day are organic in nature.
  5. Coal, petroleum and natural gas important sources of organic compounds.
  6. The process of cracking is developed to increase the yield of lower hydrocarbons which serve as important fuels commercially
  7. Organic compounds are classified into acrylic and cyclic compounds.
  8. The study of organic chemistry is organized around functional groups. Each functional group defines an organic family.
  9. Compounds having the same molecular formula but different structural formulas are called isomers. There are four different type of structural isomers.
  10. Isomerism arises due to restricted rotation around a carbon-carbon double bond is called cis-trans isomerism.

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