Government to Launch Ehsaas Education Stipend Program: PM Imran Khan


Ehsaas Education Stipend Program

In a recent speech, PM Imran khan talked about the education of children, especially for girls, and education stipend. He stated that a lot of children aren’t able to go to school due to financial issues. The government decided to provide a grant under Ehsaas Program so that the parents of children gain the courage to send their children to the schools. 

He said that the government aims to provide opportunities for at least 20 million school children. Thus, PM stated that the priority of the government is to provide education to those children. However, he also focuses on girls’ education and its importance.

He said a lot of people don’t send their girls to schools, not for this that they don’t want to educate them. But, the reason is safety as in many areas schools are far away, and another reason is ghost schools. Regarding the ghost schools, PM said that government would take action on it and weed out all of them soon.

Stipend under Ehsaas Program

Regarding the Ehsaas Education Stipend Program, Dr. Sania Nister also talked and told the stipend amount under the Eshaas program. However, the stipend amount for the girls is higher than for boys; details are below.

  • Primary schools boys will get Quarterly RS 1500, while girls will get RS 2,000/-
  • Secondary schools boys will get Quarterly RS 2500, while girls will get RS 3,000/-
  • Higher Secondary School schools boys will get Quarterly RS 3500, while girls will get RS 4,000/-

However, the government will provide the stipend to the mother biometrically on the 70% attendance of their children in schools. 

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