RCB Ordered the Private Schools to Leave Residential Areas


Private Schools to Leave Residential Areas 

According to the news, the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board ordered private schools to leave the building from the residential areas. RCB issued the final notice to 229 private schools on the supreme court orders. The Supreme Court ordered the private schools to shift from residential areas to commercial areas till the end of this year. 

Before this, in 2018, RCB issued a letter to the private schools to shift their building to the commercial areas. But, private schools didn’t follow the order and prefer to stay instead of shifting. However, the supreme court announced the deadline for the private schools building shifting, that is, December 2021.

After that, RCB Officials stated that if schools didn’t follow the instruction this time, then the board will take action. The board will destroy the buildings and cancel the lease rights according to the law.

Grieving the reference of the previous notice, the RCB spokesperson stated that only one private institute on Peshawar Road moved to the commercial area. Other than that, all private schools are still running in residential areas, so it is the final notice for those. The spokesperson also said that this shifting aims to secure the environment, security, and traffic of the residential areas. 

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