Chemistry Chapter 13 | 2nd Year


 Chapter 13 Notes | Chemistry 2nd Year

“Carboxylic Acids”

  1. Organic compounds containing carboxylic group are called carboxylic acids. There are two classes of carboxylic chapter-13-chemistry-2nd-year-notesacids. Ie., aliphatic and aromatic carboxylic acids. Aliphatic carboxylic acids are also called fatty acids.
  2. Carboxylic acids can be produced by the oxidation of alcohols and aldehydes and by the hydrolysis of nitrites
  3. Lower members of the series are water soluble and have pungent smell.
  4. Solubility decreases with the increase in moleculer mass.
  5. Carboxylic asids have higher boiling points than the corresponding alcohols.
  6. Boiling point increases with the increase in the molar mass.
  7. Acid chlorides, acid amides, easters and acid anhydrides are called derivatives of carboxylic acids.
  8. Acetic acid is synthesized on commercial scale from acetylene.
  9. Carboxylic acids containing amino group in their molecules are called amino acids. The are classified as neutral, basic and acidic amino acids.
  10. Amino acids join together to produce peptides. A polypeptied has a molecular mass upto 10,000 wheeas the molecular mass of protien is greater than 10,000.

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