Chemistry Chapter 3 | 2nd Year


 Chapter 3 Notes | Chemistry 2nd Year

“Group III-A And Group IV-A Elements”

  1. Group III-A elementschapter-3-chemistry-2nd-year-notes
  2. Occurrence of Boron
  3. Peculiar behaviour of Boron
  4. Compounds of Boron
  5. Borax
  6. Boraic acid
  7. Occurrence and properties of aluminium
  8. Group IV-A elements
  9. Occurrence of Carbon
  10. Occurrence of Silicon
  11. Peculiar behaivour of Carbon
  12. Compounds of Carbon and Silicon
  13. Structure of oxides of carbon
  14. Oxides of silicon
  15. Silicates and their uses
  16. Silicones
  17. Semiconductors
  18. Use of lead compounds in paints

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