Chemistry Chapter 4 | 2nd Year

 Chapter 4 Notes | Chemistry 2nd Year

“Group V-A And Group VI-A Elements”

  1. Group V-A elementschapter-4-chemistry-2nd-year-notes
  2. General characteristics of Nitrogen family
  3. Difference of Nitrogen from other family members
  4. Nitrogen and its compounds
  5. Occurrence of Nitrogen
  6. Oxides of Nitrogen
  7. Oxiacids of Nitrogen
  8. Phosphorus and its compounds
  9. Occurrence of Phosphorus
  10. Allotropes of Phosphorus
  11. Halides of Phosphorus
  12. Oxides of Phosphorus
  13. Oxyacids of phosphorus
  14. Elements of group VI-A
  15. Similarities and gradual variation in physical properties
  16. Occurrence of Oxygen and Sulphur
  17. Sulphuric acid
  18. Manufacturing of Sulphuric acid
  19. Properties of Sulphuric acid
  20. Uses of Sulphuric acid

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