Chemistry Chapter 5 | 2nd Year

 Chapter 5 Notes | Chemistry 2nd Year

“Halogen And Noble Gases”

  1. Group VII-A Halogenschapter-5-chemistry-2nd-year-notes
  2. Occurrence of halogens
  3. Peculiar behavior of Flourine
  4. Oxidizing properties of Halogens
  5. Compounds of Halogens
  6. Halogen acids
  7. Oxides of halogens
  8. Reaction of Chlorine with hot and cold NaOH
  9. Oxyacids of halogens
  10. Bleaching powder
  11. Commercial use of halogens with its compounds
  12. Group VIII, Noble gases
  13. Introduction to noble gases
  14. Compounds of Xenon
  15. Flourides of Xenon
  16. Xenon Oxiflouride
  17. Oxides of Xenon
  18. Applications of noble gases

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