Chemistry Chapter 6 | 2nd Year


 Chapter 6 Notes | Chemistry 2nd Year

“Transition Elements”

  1. Transition element have partially filled d or f-subshells in atomic state or in any of their commonly occurring chapter-6-chemistry-2nd-year-notesoxidation states.
  2. IIB and IIIB group elements are called non-typical transition elements.
  3. Binding energies, melting points, paramagnetic and oxidation states of transition metals increase with increasing number of unpaired electrons.
  4. Such compounds containing the complex molecules or complex ions and capable of independent existence are called coordination compounds or complex compounds.
  5. When a complex ion absorbs a wavelength from visible light, it transmits a set of radiation that impart color.
  6. Wrought iron contains 0.12%-0.25% carbon, while steel contains 0.25%-2.25% carbon.
  7. Chromate and dichromate ion exist in equilibrium in an aqueous solution.
  8. Chemical decay of metals under the action of their surrounding medium is called corrosion. It can be prevented by tim plating and galvanizing.

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