PM Imran Khan to Raise Awareness on Relief Provided to the Poor Under Ehsaas Program


The Prime Minister of Pakistan initiates the Ehsaas Program 2021. He launched this comprehensive program to overcome poverty in Pakistan. Due to COVID-19, many people living poorly from hand to mouth. Therefore, the government facilitates them by providing help under the Prime Minister’s Ehsaas program. Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered launching a comprehensive program to create awareness among the under-privileged segments In a recent meeting held on Wednesday, Dr Sania Nishtar briefly explained the progress of providing targeted subsidies to eligible families under the program. The Prime Minister stated that the government completely understood the problem faced by the poor due to inflation. Moreover, the government also started focusing on the provision of targeted subsidies to the masses.

In a meeting, PM also stated that the Kamyab Pakistan, Sehat Sahulat Cards, and Ehsaas programs are the flagship initiatives taken by the government aiming at poverty alleviation and social uplift of the lower segments of the society. Not only this, but PM also offers loans for students who want to start their businesses. The candidate will apply for the National Bank of Pakistan. The eligible candidates will notify through the Email or SMS

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